Super Zoo – Pet Food Industry Trade Show

Super Zoo – Pet Food Industry Trade Show


Feed, feed, and more feed. So many products, but just a few actual pet foods.

Las Vegas each summer is host to one of the largest (if not ‘the’ largest) pet industry trade events. The event is called Super Zoo. Thousands of pet product manufacturers attend Super Zoo – pitching their products to retailers from around the world that attend.

I’ve attended many pet food trade events, but this was my first Super Zoo. The event started off with a meeting with Dr. Evin Antin – who readers here might remember from the Dr. Oz show a year or so ago. Attending the show with a press badge, I was offered the opportunity to meet with him. My discussion with him was with the hopes of sharing some ‘truth’ about the pet food industry. Honestly, he listened and seemed open to me sharing some information with him (which I intend to send very soon). Fingers crossed.

Next was wandering around the trade show floor which contained thousands of pet product booths. Of course, the biggest manufacturers of pet food had the biggest booths. This is something I wish every pet owner could see. The money spent on these booths – I can’t imagine the cost.

Super Zoo – Pet Food Industry Trade Show

Super Zoo – Pet Food Industry Trade Show

Super Zoo – Pet Food Industry Trade Show

And there was this sign in a main aisle-way…

Super Zoo – Pet Food Industry Trade Show

Purina helping to fund new pet businesses and opportunity to partner with Purina. (Mars Petcare is doing the same thing – click here to read. So…not only do the big pet feed companies rule the marketplace – they are wanting to be involved early in any new business that enters.)

And the best part of Super Zoo was being able to meet people I know online but have never met face to face. Plus I got to hang out for a few minutes with those I do know and respect so much. It is energizing to hang out with like minded pet ‘food’ people.

I did not get to speak with many of the brands that I had intentions to speak with, ask the questions I wanted to ask – my time there was very brief. But I can share that in the short time frame I was there…one manufacturer intentionally listened into our conversation (unbeknownst to me stood right next to me listening – witnessed by many). All of a sudden everyone kept saying ‘why was she here?’ ‘She was right next to you!’ Geez. Hope it was worth your effort.

My thanks to the Super Zoo people for admission.

Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
Association for Truth in Pet Food

Super Zoo – Pet Food Industry Trade Show
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Super Zoo – Pet Food Industry Trade Show

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