Day 1 AAFCO July 2018

Day 1 AAFCO July 2018


Another AAFCO meeting begins. Same old story – industry celebrated, consumers forgotten.

The July 2018 AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) meeting began this morning at 8 AM with “Presidential Remarks” from AAFCO President Stan Cook (Missouri Department of Agriculture). Mr. Cook assured the audience that because of the work AAFCO, animal feed/pet food “commerce takes place in a fair environment.”

Most consumers would disagree with that statement. There is nothing “fair” about feed products being labeled as food, law being ignored, consumers denied access to law, and on and on.

Mr. Cook also defined ‘feed’ for the audience – he stated “feed, it’s what your food had for dinner.”

Right after the ‘President Remarks’ they began the part of AAFCO meetings where all regulatory authorities attending the meeting are introduced. Following this introduction, everyone in attendance stands and introduces themselves. AAFCO had a slide that specifically mentioned industry representatives to stand and introduce themselves. Consumers or consumer advocates had no such slide in the presentation. They customarily neglect to mention us. Thus we are forced to stand and introduce ourselves during the industry introductions.

Two very brave consumers are here – they stood and stated their names along with the reason they are here. One is here because her dog died, and regulatory has done nothing to hold the company accountable. She stood, stated her name with “I’m here because my dog needlessly died a year ago.” The other is here because several of her dogs became seriously ill and regulatory has done nothing to hold the company accountable. She stood, stated her name with “I’m here because several of my dogs became seriously ill, one almost died.”

AAFCO next handed out several awards/plaques to numerous industry representatives for their “work” with AAFCO.

And AAFCO announced they are proposing a change to the organization’s name. They are discussing later in this meeting (Wednesday) changing to: “Association of Animal Food Control Officials.” This name change would be an official lie – because none of the regulations that AAFCO writes deal with “food”.

Later today we have a small army of consumer advocates flying in to help us with the important meetings of tomorrow (Tuesday July 31, 2018). More details of those significant folks to come.

Reminder to everyone, you can listen to the meetings tomorrow.

Ingredient Definitions session at 10 AM ET – click here to view the agenda and how to listen to the meeting.

Pet Food session at 3 PM ET – click here to view agenda and how to listen.

Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
Association for Truth in Pet Food

Day 1 AAFCO July 2018
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Day 1 AAFCO July 2018

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