Stop Digging Dog

How to Stop Digging Do


How to Discourage Digging

You could have a canine and a nice yard at the same time. It simply takes a some effort on your part to
stop digging dog.

Unfortunately, there is not a “quick fix” for this action as it may go much further.

For most dogs, nevertheless, excavating remains in the genes.

Dog laying on lawn

Dog laying on lawn

Stop Dog Digging in Yard

Has your dog turned your backyard into a landscape with holes almost everywhere?

Now despite what your thinking your canine isn ‘t doing this out of spite or a wish to damage your landscaping.

Some dogs were replicated to dig, some do it to cool or out of monotony as well as frustration.

Others just merely enjoy the journey of excavating.

A pet dogs wild forefathers dug to hide their food as well as create dens to birth and elevate pups.


Stop digging dog

stop digging dog

Dog digging under fence

Is your dog lying down in the holes it digs?

This could indicate the dog is seeking cooling relief from the suns heat.

Providing shaded shelter will allow your animal to stay cooler. This might just stop the digging in the ground.

A dog house that is shaded would work.

Even a large umbrella stuck in the ground would give some shade and allow for a breeze.



Dogs Nails Need Trimming

Your pets nails need trimming on a regular basis. Unless your dog is very active there nails do not get

trimmed narurally. Digging is one way that is natural to reduce the nail length for any dog.



Boredoom is another reason dogs can start digging.

Is your pet a high energy pet?

Keeping your canine intertained would certainly help in this case.

Toys can provide intertainment and distract them from there digging endeavors.

Not just any toy or toys will accomplish this all the time.

You will have to experiment and find items that keep your animals attention for longer periods.

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Working with your pet to keep them focused on other activities will mean commitment on your part.

Playing games such as fetch or anything else tthat will burn some energy and tire them out is good.

Taking them on daily walks will do them good as well as yourself.



What Can I Spray to Make My Dog Stop Digging

Home remedies to stop your dog from digging.

White vinegar and canine pepper. Just a few shakes of pepper in a 500 ml spray bottle.

More shakes for a larger container. Shake well before using.

Spray the mixture around the perimeter of the yard or where the digging is being done.

This can be effective with some dog’s that have a sensitive nose.



Citronella oil spray to stop dog digging.

Use just enough to get a smell. 2 to 10 drops depending on the spray bottle size.

This may work, just make sure your animal does not digest any as it can be harmful.



Hot sauce like hot peppersauce to stop dog digging can work.
Dogs dislike these substances. Just dilute the hot peppersauce in water to create a spray.


Dog Wont Stop Digging Under fence

Escape artist canines have been known to climb over fences, and others to dig holes underneath them.

If your dog falls into this category. Thwart there attempts to dig under the fence by installing a mesh wire under ground along fence the line.

Chicken wire or chain link fencing are good options. Any type of mess type fencing with holes no larger than 3 X 3 inches should work.

There are also various other options such as placing large rocks in the digging area.



How to Stop Your dog From Digging on Furniture

You ask why is my dog digging at the carpet, the couch, the sofa, the floor,etc.

This behavior is basic nature for your pet. Just as we want to get comfortable.

They do as well.

Dogs try to scratch the place they are going to lay down and then turn around several times before they lay down.

To stop them from doing this is almost impossible as it is instintive for them.

Saving your furniure or carpet is your first concern.

To do this try placing a blanket on the furniture for them to ruffle up before they lay down.

On the floor you could get a doggie bed. And then train them to use only that item to lay on.


Dog Collar to Stop Digging

A dog shock collar to stop digging is one type that can be used. Caution should be used with this type.

Use as a training aid and not a punishment.

Tone or vibration options provide more human training options.

Using a collar of any type is only effective when you are present and are able to control when to correct the digging behavior.




The Best Way to Stop a Dog From Digging

Being a constant companion for your pet is about the only sure way to stop bad behovior such as digging.

Your pet will be better behaved as you will have better control to stop any behavior before it gets out of control.